The Heart of England

A Guide to the Best of Southern England

The inspiration of authors from Austin and Hardy to Shakespeare.  A land steeped in history with culture and castles as reminders of its impressive past.  A land of garden walks, moated castles, rocky shores and ancient ruins, this is the land that has inspired untold stories and the birthplace of England.  Come visit the distictive cultural feel of Wessex England


A Visual and Informative Tour of Wessex

Wessex is the premiere vacation spot for those who desire to see the romantic English countryside, and is filled with an array of historical locations and some of the most picturesque places to stay in Southern England.

Glastonbury Tor

Let Wessex inspire you the way it did Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen.  Follow in the footsteps of ancient kings and queens of England and walk the cobblestone roads and grassy garden walks that vein the countryside of this storied land.  Whether you want to climb the Tor of Glastonbury above the burial place of King Arthur, visit the ancient druid ruins of Stonehenge, or look over the grassy hills to the painted villages of Dorset, you will find your time well spent her in the heart of England.

Visit the great castles of past Kings and Queens.  See the Roman Baths featuring beautiful Georgian architecture, the rolling hills and villages of Dorset, the ancient archaelogical site of Avebury, and the gardens of Exbury. 

Stay in a charming bed and breakfast in Wessex or one of the many hotels that provide stays between day outings into this rich cultural heritage.  Stay tuned as we list the best places to stay, the best gardens, most noted walking trails and the locations in Wessex England where writers such as Chaucer and Hardy drew their inspriration. 



"A merely realistic dream country."

- Thomas Hardy -